Christmas Card Ideas

February 28, 2018

Christmas Card Ideas

Checking the mailbox during the month of December is always a bit more exciting than other times of the year. Having a mailbox flooded with Christmas cards from our loved ones is much more fun than the usual bills we receive.

If you are looking to give a card that is a little different than a traditional one, we have a few ideas you may enjoy:

Photo Christmas Cards
Photo cards are becoming more and more popular. In fact, we may receive more photo cards than traditional cards each year! TheseĀ Christmas Cards at Charity Greeting Cards are fun because people love to see your growing family. With so many online card retailers, the options are virtually endless.

Photo Magnets
These days you can print your photo on just about anything. If you are looking something similar to a photo card, with a little spin, consider sending an actual magnet. Virtually all of your photo retailers can print magnets and it will be something your loved ones can enjoy on their fridge all year long.

Post Cards
Did you know that you can even print your photo on a post card? We love sending these because they are a cute way to send your Christmas Cards and allow you to write a personalized note.

Plus, you can save money because post card stamps are cheaper than regular stamps! And, for your eco-friendly shoppers out there, you will use less paper by eliminating the need for an envelope.

If you have some time to get crafty, consider making your cards this year. Or, if you have children, they can make the cards! People will love the personalized feel of these cards and each one can have a special note written specifically for each person.

Ornament Cards
Make that photo Christmas card last forever by printing it on an ornament. Simply add a bit of yarn up top and your family and friends will enjoy your card on their tree year after year.

More and more families are starting to make Christmas card videos and send them to their friends and family digitally. This can be a really fun family activity that everyone will definitely enjoy watching. Although these videos will take a bit of time, they will be essentially free to send to your loved ones.

If you are looking for another way to send a free card, check-out the many sites offering e-cards. These Christmas cards will be send right to your loved one’s inbox.

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