Christmas Cards are important

September 21, 2018

Why Christmas Cards Still Matter

Every year people send and receive billions of holiday and greeting cards. This is surprising because technology, such as e-cards and holiday letter emails, are becoming more popular. However, Christmas cards are still an important holiday tradition. Here are three reasons why these cards still matter.
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While e-cards and holiday greeting emails can be customized, Christmas cards are highly personalized. The process of typing and sending an email is very routine and mechanical. However, the process of selecting, purchasing, writing and mailing a card is personalized and sometimes time-consuming. Handwriting a meaningful message adds a personal touch. All of this involves a thoughtful focus on the intended receiver. This means the receiver will get an individualized card that was specially selected for them.

Between email, texting and IM, some people receive hundreds of messages a week. Because of this, the face value of digital messages is becoming more insignificant. This is also because of the transitory nature and universal use of digital communication. As a result, it is much easier to delete an email than throw away a personalized greeting card. In fact, a Christmas card with a handwritten message provides a genuine communication exchange that cannot be matched by an inanimate email. In the end, holding a physical card feels more authentic than a digital greeting card. Shop Christmas cards at today.

While Christmas cards are merely a small piece of paper, they convey a lot of real emotions. The pervasive use of digital communication has severely influenced their value when it comes to relationships. In addition to this, email is free while holiday cards can be somewhat expensive. A holiday card clearly demonstrates affection because the sender is willing to spend time and money on the receiver. In addition to this, writing a message on a card requires more thought and clearly expresses more affection.

Therefore, Christmas cards still matter because they are personalized, genuine and send an emotional message.

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