Creating the Best Christmas Cards

February 24, 2018

Tips to Creating the Best Christmas Card

When you’re putting together your special Christmas card for your loved ones, you want to make it not just memorable for them, but for your family, as well. And chances are, you want that to be a fun memory and not one that the kids resent for years to come. So how can you come together to create the perfect Christmas card and keep the whole family happy? By working together to address these 4 key factors of the perfect Christmas card photo!


You could just grab the most recent family photo and add it to a pretty stock card with some cool font that says “Merry Christmas”. But if you want to go all in, you’re going to need a new picture. And that picture will need a theme. Whether you want to go with something more traditional, something more humorous, or even something a little strange, get the whole family’s opinion on it and see what great ideas you come up with!


Once the theme is decided, everything else kind of falls into place. But one thing you’ll want to make sure to address is the background. You may want to just opt for a simple “blank” background by tossing a blanket up behind you, or you may want to go all out with props, scenery, and other personal touches. Whatever you decide to do, let the kiddos help. They’ll think it’s fun and you’ll be creating great memories along the way.


Rather than opting to have everyone wear the same sweater that seems to be so popular for Charity Greeting Cards┬álet everyone express their individual style while having a common – you guessed it – theme. Make sure that everyone looks nice and put together and that they look like they belong together. Now you’re almost ready.


Personality doesn’t have to be everyone doing their own thing. But it can come through. Whether it’s allowing “bunny ears”, silly faces, or just beautiful smiles, let your wonderful, unique family shine through. After all, the people who will be receiving these Christmas cards already know and love you. They want to see a picture of the people they love – not a picture of the people they love staring flatly at a camera!

Christmas cards can be hard to come together for. But when you make it a family effort, making Christmas cards can be a great way to bond. Have your whole family sign the cards before you send them off to allow for an extra personal touch.

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