Musashi protein powder types

June 1, 2017

The Many Musashi Protein Powder Types Explained

Musashi protein comes in seven different types of powder. Each of these powders come in various flavors, so you can be sure there is a flavor you’ll love. The various powders offered are specifically designed for different types of athletes and novice individuals to ensure they get their daily intake of necessary protein.

High Protein Powder
This kind of Musashi protein contains 30 grams of protein per individual serving. The formula of amino acids in this high whey protein shake will support muscle development. This comes in the flavors of strawberry smoothie, iced chocolate, and creamy vanilla.

Bulk Mass Gain
This type of Musashi protein powder is specifically formulated with 26 grams of protein and 22 grams of carbs. This is ideal for those needing a whey protein concentrate that is packed full of essential vitamins to aid in muscle growth and repair. Flavors of this protein powder include banana smoothie, chocolate milkshake, and vanilla milkshake.

Lean WPI
This variety of Amcal Mint Vanilla Powder is low in fat and carbohydrates. This is great for those looking to build lean muscle. In addition, this is a whey protein isolate that aids in digestion for those who have gastrointestinal problems with the regular protein powders. This comes in vanilla and chocolate.

Bulk Extreme
This particular Amcal Mint Protein Powder is packed full of 50 grams of protein. This is the perfect powder for those looking to for massive growth. Available flavors include chocolate thickshake, chocolate mint, and chocolate peanut butter.

Image for Musashi BULK Extreme Choc Mint Protein Powder - 2.25kg from Amcal

Natural Protein Powder
This is the signature Musashi protein powder that contains a low carbohydrate makeup mixed with 24 grams of protein per serving. This powder will aid in muscle recovery and growth. This also is great to help supplement a balanced diet. Available flavors include cocoa and unflavored.

Shred & Burn
This Musashi protein powder is combined with garcinia extract to ensure you increase your metabolism while burning excess fat. Each serving comes with 20 grams of protein and 1,500 milligrams of garcinia extract. This comes in both chocolate and mocha flavors.

Image for Musashi BULK Mass Gain Protein Powder Vanilla Milkshake - 2.28kg from Amcal

Low Carb Protein Powder 
Another cornerstone of Musashi protein, the low carb protein powder delivers 20 grams of protein without sacrificing carb intake. This is ideal for lifters who are on a low-carb diet but need the extra protein. This comes in iced chocolate and creamy vanilla.

All of these protein powders are available online. No matter what training program you’re on, Musashi has the ideal protein powder to fit your diet.

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