Types of Breast Pumps

July 25, 2017

Various Types of Breast Pumps in the Market

Breast pumps come in handy during the first few days after a mother has delivered. They are also helpful when breasts are so full such that a newborn has trouble latching. Breast pumps help mothers to store milk in storage bags and bottles then bottle-feed their babies. You can also use the milk to mix with cereal when the baby is above six months. Whichever the reason you have of using a breast pump, you need to choose a pump that suits your needs.

Types of breast pumps
There are many types of breast pumps, styles and brands in the market nowadays. That makes it easier for mothers to choose a Breast Pumps at Amcal that is convenient for their breastfeeding needs. When deciding the kind of breast pump to buy, things like your budget should be considered. Additionally, you have to consider the amount of time you will spend expressing breast milk. Here are common types of breast pumps. However, note that breast pumps fall under several pumps. For instance, a hospital grade breast pump is also an electric breast pump.

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Manual breast pumps
With a manual breast pump, mothers operate using their hand. They have to squeeze a trigger button to create the suction required to remove milk from your breasts. Some manual pumps will require you to slide a cylinder back and forth to trigger milk production. Make sure you place the breast-shield over your nipple properly before you begin squeezing to avoid sore nipples. A manual breast pump is usually small, easily portable and affordable. They are better used for occasional pumping. However, a manual pump is a bit slow especially if you want to express a large amount of breast milk.

Electric breast pumps
If you need to pump a lot of breast milk at a go, an electric pump will give the best results. They are also suitable for mothers who pump often. Electric pumps are stronger and more powerful than manual pumps. Electric pumps require a power source to operate because they have a motor, which is used to generate the suction. They are more expensive than other Tommee Tippee Breast Pump at Amcal Online types. Therefore, they are used to establish, maintain and increase breast milk supply. Electric pumps are the most efficient type of breast pumps because they save time and large.

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Battery powered pumps
It works best for mothers who only need to pump milk once in a day, and they don’t want to use manual pumps. They use batteries to operate. That means they can be expensive in the long-run since you have to replace batteries often. Battery powered pumps are not strong enough to maintain milk supply or stimulate milk supply. They are small, relatively easy to use and portable.

Used breast pumps
More than one person can use some pumps. Such a breast pump is designed in a manner that it can be sterilized. The parts that come in direct contact with breast milk are disposable. You can rent such pumps or use them while in the hospital.

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